How did we get here?

Dungeon with some famous stuff in...

Magic portals, magic swords, magic keys.

We were in the pub, and we found out there was a dungeon that had some famous magic treasure in it.

We went to the Engineers guild & found out that there was Grimnir’s sword there & some fancy Elf stuff too.

We went to the Elf place & they said the same. Both places wanted to put a spell on the people to bring back the magic armour so we split up. Meaning Malachai, Robas & Sophie could steal the Elf thing & Me, Johann & smudge could steal the cool stuff.

We went around teh dungeon abit & Johan got really hurt by either Giant Spiders or Zombie Mummies & went back to camp.

We went around the rest of the dungeon & had a big fight at the end. We were helped by the other side rolling their own barricade onto themselelves. But then Wizzards come out & made Sophie hit Robas. Malachai Really hurt me! Owch that bastard can hit when he realy needs to miss. He had a lightening sword too that must have helped. I made some one explode with an arrow.

We got some cool stuff & some alright stuff…




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