How did we get here?

Terror in Talabheim

Untergard Chocolate Stew , Rats.

We went to Talabheim to do some priest a favour & ended up getting stuck there.

On the way we went by boat, Robas stole a pound of chocolate & poisoned the crew with his “Famous Untergard chocolate Stew”

There was a plague in the docks, and we got trapped in the big city while hunderds of Skaven Rats piled into the city. They ate almost everyone & all the food and made some big cannons to kill everyone they weren’t going to eat.

Things that happened
  • Sophie blew up half the city by dropping a lit match into noxious fumes
  • Sophie blew up the other half of the city with some quarry bombs
  • Robas wanted to rob a bank
  • Smudge drew Bob everywhere he could
  • Smudge stole lots of left shoes
  • Robas become obsessed with books that have pictures in

- GLoria



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