How did we get here?

This old house

The shit your dead relatives leave you

Sophie inherited a house from her dead aunty Ing


Quality House.

there was a Dwarf that showed us about & told us there was a massive offer on the house & we could make quite a bit of money. The next day he turned up dead & we got blamed. We didn’t do it & a priest proved it with magic. Another priest wanted us to give the house to the Church if Stigmar for free, or possible he could make a chapple for Sophie in the new catherdral.

There were 2 kids that were ill & there were weird lights in the woods. I fell down a hole, and found tunnels under ground.

There turned out to be more bloody Skaven in the woods, and the preist who helped us hired them to mess up the building of the catherdral.

He was sucsessfull, Sophies’ house was worthless. It rained. We went home without killing anyone.

- Gloria



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