How did we get here?

Spires of Altdorf
Maps, wizzards, Death
Several things happened in Altdorf
  • Delilah set up a stall to sell maps,
  • We stayed at a wizzards house & something tired to kill me while i was in bed
  • Delilah did some dwarf tossing
  • We stole some money from a pub, but it turned out to be mostly pennies so we burried it in the woods
  • Delilah DIED!!! I was sad.
  • we killed some bad Chaos people
  • the Wizzard done it.

We also met Johann.

- Gloria

Ashes of Middenheim

We went to Middenheim, Malachai smashed some guys head into the cobbles and killed him, this was a gentle tap from the elf.

Robas was set on fire, so we put him out with nearest sewer.

meanwhile there was something to do with some warpstone but this might have been a coincidence



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