How did we get here?

Dungeon with some famous stuff in...
Magic portals, magic swords, magic keys.

We were in the pub, and we found out there was a dungeon that had some famous magic treasure in it.

We went to the Engineers guild & found out that there was Grimnir’s sword there & some fancy Elf stuff too.

We went to the Elf place & they said the same. Both places wanted to put a spell on the people to bring back the magic armour so we split up. Meaning Malachai, Robas & Sophie could steal the Elf thing & Me, Johann & smudge could steal the cool stuff.

We went around teh dungeon abit & Johan got really hurt by either Giant Spiders or Zombie Mummies & went back to camp.

We went around the rest of the dungeon & had a big fight at the end. We were helped by the other side rolling their own barricade onto themselelves. But then Wizzards come out & made Sophie hit Robas. Malachai Really hurt me! Owch that bastard can hit when he realy needs to miss. He had a lightening sword too that must have helped. I made some one explode with an arrow.

We got some cool stuff & some alright stuff…


This old house
The shit your dead relatives leave you

Sophie inherited a house from her dead aunty Ing


Quality House.

there was a Dwarf that showed us about & told us there was a massive offer on the house & we could make quite a bit of money. The next day he turned up dead & we got blamed. We didn’t do it & a priest proved it with magic. Another priest wanted us to give the house to the Church if Stigmar for free, or possible he could make a chapple for Sophie in the new catherdral.

There were 2 kids that were ill & there were weird lights in the woods. I fell down a hole, and found tunnels under ground.

There turned out to be more bloody Skaven in the woods, and the preist who helped us hired them to mess up the building of the catherdral.

He was sucsessfull, Sophies’ house was worthless. It rained. We went home without killing anyone.

- Gloria

Forges of Nuln
What were we doing here?

we went on a boat to Nuln, Malachai & Robas chatted up some girls – badly.

We made some noble drink out of a shoe as some sort of Elf custom.

We got a bit bored & got hideously drunk…

- Gloria

Terror in Talabheim
Untergard Chocolate Stew , Rats.

We went to Talabheim to do some priest a favour & ended up getting stuck there.

On the way we went by boat, Robas stole a pound of chocolate & poisoned the crew with his “Famous Untergard chocolate Stew”

There was a plague in the docks, and we got trapped in the big city while hunderds of Skaven Rats piled into the city. They ate almost everyone & all the food and made some big cannons to kill everyone they weren’t going to eat.

Things that happened
  • Sophie blew up half the city by dropping a lit match into noxious fumes
  • Sophie blew up the other half of the city with some quarry bombs
  • Robas wanted to rob a bank
  • Smudge drew Bob everywhere he could
  • Smudge stole lots of left shoes
  • Robas become obsessed with books that have pictures in

- GLoria

Spires of Altdorf
Maps, wizzards, Death
Several things happened in Altdorf
  • Delilah set up a stall to sell maps,
  • We stayed at a wizzards house & something tired to kill me while i was in bed
  • Delilah did some dwarf tossing
  • We stole some money from a pub, but it turned out to be mostly pennies so we burried it in the woods
  • Delilah DIED!!! I was sad.
  • we killed some bad Chaos people
  • the Wizzard done it.

We also met Johann.

- Gloria

Ashes of Middenheim

We went to Middenheim, Malachai smashed some guys head into the cobbles and killed him, this was a gentle tap from the elf.

Robas was set on fire, so we put him out with nearest sewer.

meanwhile there was something to do with some warpstone but this might have been a coincidence



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